Workshop On Disruptive Behavior Of Physicians

February 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

Evaluating Disruptive Physician Behavior – Three Case Illustrations: What We Did; What We Learned; What Was The Outcome 

The need for cooperation in healthcare is especially relevant in today’s medical settings. To meet the best interests of patients, physicians must cooperate with each other and other members of multi-disciplinary teams. Disruptive physicians compromise the safety of patients and co-workers alike. Patients identify being confident, empathetic, humane, personal, forthright, respectful, and thorough as ideal physician behaviors. Valuing teamwork, handling stress, punctuality, and self-motivation to pursue professional and personal growth are also ideal physician behaviors.

Kimberly Ware and R. Gregory Cochran, MD, JD from Nossaman LLP are presenting this 3 hour workshop.

Kimberly ​Ware, ​Nossaman ​LLP, ​Sacramento49208_HiResImage

Ms. ​Ware ​has ​practiced ​health ​care ​law ​in ​the ​San ​ Francisco ​Bay ​Area ​since ​1985, ​focusing ​on ​peer ​review, ​ credentialing, ​disruptive ​behavior ​issues, ​physician ​health ​ issues, ​mandated ​reporting, ​medical ​staff ​affairs ​and ​a ​broad ​ range ​of ​related ​health ​law ​issues.

R. ​Gregory ​Cochran, ​MD, ​JD, ​Nossaman ​LLP, ​San ​Francisco

Dr. ​Cochran ​is ​a ​physician/healthcare ​attorney. ​He ​has ​ advised ​clients, ​and ​has ​written ​and ​lectured ​about ​physician ​ health ​and ​addiction ​medicine ​issues, ​particularly ​in ​the ​ hospital, ​medical ​staff ​and ​medical ​group ​contexts.

Saturday, February 27, 2016, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association (ACCMA)

CPPPH offers this workshop to members and staff of committees of hospital medical staffs, medical groups, specialty societies and county medical associations.Participation is usually limited to those who serve on physician health committees or have similar responsibilities, but, because this topic is of wide-ranging interest, invitations are extended to all interested persons with roles related to peer review, credentialing and privileging. Read more here.


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